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The area is commonly wonderful during the time with the rainstorm bringing some help from the warmth. The South-East storms last from June to September. The best occasions to visit would be among October and March.

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he controlling ground of numerous antiquated realms, East India has a solid ethnic culture and religious roots. Including the easternmost urban areas specifically Odisha, West Bengal, Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Jharkhand. It ranges over an all-out zone of around 418,323 sq Km wherein the main part of the area is either close to the Bay of Bengal or on the Indo-Gangetic fields. Kolkata, known as the Cultural Capital of India, is the biggest city of East Indian district. Situated in the territory of West Bengal, it flaunts nineteenth-century design wonders, for example, Victoria Memorial and Howrah Bridge. The tight rear entryways and markets mix well with the antiquated sanctuaries, science focuses, and instructive organizations giving Kolkata a metropolitan character. West Bengal is likewise renowned for its excellent slope stations - Darjeeling, Siliguri, and Kalimpong. The tea gardens and toy train bring an old-world appeal to Darjeeling, though Siliguri has natural life asylums and streams for an ideal escape. Experience parched sightseers are frequently observed trekking the trails of Kalimpong or appreciating the boating in its chilly waterway waters.